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It's good to be in the know.

Since you visited our booth at the bridal show you qualify for our super secret bridal show rates!

These rates expire 4 weeks after the show that you attended - if you aren't sure how exclusive these rates are you'll also be getting an email with our regular preferred vendor rates that everyone who attended will receive - you'll see the difference.

these rates are super secret - aren't you glad you stopped by?

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Additional Information/ Fees :

Our special bridal show rates have a 3 person minimum (Bride +3) to book - if you have a smaller party or need bride only services let us know so we can send you a customized quote.

Travel :

  • Within City Limits : $50

  • Outside of City Limits : $75

  • Over 100 miles from studio : $100

  • Out of State : Depends on location

Body Coverage :

  • Tattoo Cover Up : starts at $50, depends on size/colors

Additional Artists :

  • $150/ each additional artist needed for prep

Early Morning Start:

  • Prep to start before 4am : $250

  • Prep to start before 6am : $100

Studio Rental:

  • Baton Rouge Studio Location : 150

  • New Orleans Studio Location : 150


Fill out the form below to get the process started, send us over the services that you need and you receive a customized quote in your email.