Targeted Skincare

Focal point facial- here at Verde beauty we offer 30 minute focal point facial treatments. Whether you want to focus on wrinkles and fine lines, acne, extractions, detoxing, we can focus on the main concerns in 30 minutes! This is great leading up to your big day and prepping your skin to look fresh and glowing, or great just as an up keep.


Waxing- we offer women’s brow lip chin arms under arms legs and Brazilians. We specialize in 15 minute Brazilians damaging the hair follicle with benefit of hair growing bathe finer and in lesser amounts. This goes for all waxing! We also offer men’s chest and back wax


Microderm diamond-brasoin…- diamond brasion can help with a multitude of problematic areas! Fine lines acne pigmentation evening out the depth of skin. This is a diamond tip machine that does not shoot crystals onto the skin! It is wonderful for sensitive skin that cannot take harsh product. Target fine lines and wrinkles with several treatment packages or use as an add on with any focal point facial

Body exfoliation- our esthetician offers dry body exfoliation for 10 minutes which is great before a trip to the beach or before any spray tan in the winter. Slush off all of your dead skin and stay renewed!

Chemical peels- here at Verde we offer several peels. 30% Tca and Pca peels which are higher strength than the others that we carry. 10-20% AHA brightening peel, glycolic renewal peel, salicylic acne and pore refinement peel. Lactic acid peel all of these are beneficial for different focuses and needs.

Skin care product brands that are used and sold in verde beauty studio.

Image Skincare, Dermilogica, Mario badescue, and also clarisonic and clarisonic brand skincare and brush heads. If you do not see something in those product lines that is in store, please call and we can order it for you. We will put you on the call list when it is ready for you to pick up!