Hair Extensions

We offer a variety of hair extension options for our clients to choose from. From clip in to fusion our clients can choose what best suites their budgets and length of times they would like to wear the extensions.
NEW! Cinderella Hair Tape in Extensions
NEW! Cinderella Hair Individual Link Extensions

Before + After Extension Gallery : Coming Soon

Before + After Extension Gallery : Coming Soon

Clipin Hair extensions -

These extensions can be worn over and over for an easy way to add length and volume to the hair without a long term commitment. Clip in hair extensions can simply be clipped in and then taken out at the end of the day. We custom color all extensions to match our clients hair and only use highest grade human hair.

Cinderella Tape In Extensions - 

Tape In Extensions are great for clients who want long full hair with a semi-permanent commitment. These extensions can be worn for 6-12 weeks  and readjusted as the hair grows. These extensions are also re-wearable after the initial investment and can also be cut/colored to match any style.


Cinderella Hair MicroLink Extensions - 

MicroLink hair extensions are the solution for anyone looking for longer fuller hair on a more permanent basis. MicroLink extensions can last in the hair for up to 9 months with proper care and can be cut, styled and colored the same as your natural hair. This type of extension is the preferred type for celebrities because of quality and natural look.

Consultation required for pricing

We can create beautifully matched custom fitted clip in hair extensions for you to wear at any special event.