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All photos: Desirae Gooding Photography. Click  here  to view her blog!

All photos: Desirae Gooding Photography. Click here to view her blog!

Love was in the air as Bekah and Caleb tied the knot at White Oak Plantation. We are so excited to share more about Bekah + Caleb’s beautiful wedding!

How did you meet?

Caleb and I met through mutual friends a little over three years ago. Funny story, the first time we met, we were supposed to get fro-yo at Yogurtland but I misread the times online and it was closed when we got there. We ended up sitting in his car and talking for hours!

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The Proposal

For our two year anniversary, Caleb told me he had planned out the day for me and for me to not make any plans. This included me having to miss my brother in law's birthday lunch and not getting to see my nephew when they first came in. Well, Caleb had worked the night before and accidentally slept until about two in the afternoon, so I could have made the lunch and come back and not missed anything with him. So, when he finally got up that afternoon, I was sitting on the couch fuming. When he first told me he had the day planned, of course I kind of thought he might be planning to propose, but when he woke up after half the day was over, I thought no way.

After he got up we hung out around the house and then he started cooking. He cooked me a super nice steak dinner and we small talked and ate. After eating, because this is so typical of me, I decided to speak up about how upset I was. I said something along the lines of, "you know what, I woke up thinking maybe today was the day for us but you made me miss seeing Graves, Keely, and Kevin AND you didn't propose. It's getting really hard to be patient and today you really hurt my heart." Caleb, being so patient with me, stood me up and gave me a big hug (later I found out he was silently laughing as I cried into his shoulder... typical).

He consoled me for a minute or so then he grabbed my hands and told me some super sweet things about how much I mean to him and how thankful he is for me, then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was SO shocked but so excited, and of course I said YES! After FaceTiming our parents and siblings he decided to tell me that he had the HUGE ring box in his back pocket the entire day and didn't know how I didn't notice!

I could not have imagined a better moment, and I loved being able to be just us when Caleb proposed. It meant so much more to me because he was able to be so sweet and let himself get a little emotional.

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a white oak wedding

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Where was your wedding at?* White Oak Estate and Gardens

Reception Venue?* Magnolia Mound Plantation

Planner or coordinator: B. Kennedy Weddings - Bekah, and Sue Diebold

Invitations:* Etsy

Photographer:* Desirae Gooding Photography

Videography: Film Thread Productions

Florist:* Poppy & Mint (Doris Ione)


Your Attire:*Gown - Essence of Australia

Where was it purchased from? Bustle Bridal Gowns and Accessories

Your accessories:* Veil - Bustle, Earrings - Etsy, Pearl bracelet - Grandma

Your Partner's Attire:* Calvin Klein

Where was it purchased from? Men's Warehouse


What made you choose where you got married? My dream was to get married outside under trees, but have a reception that was covered in case of rain. Magnolia Mound was the perfect setup for this, and it was extremely affordable.

What were your special details or parts of the wedding that were specific to you? Insisting on an unplugged ceremony so that everyone was fully present and the photographer was able to take the perfect pictures and be uninterrupted.

What did you choose to do as your favors?My husband is a state Trooper, so we gave custom koozies that said, "Sentenced to Life"


What is one thing you wish you would have known pre-wedding?If you're worried your reception is ending too early, it is. That is my one regret with choosing this venue, we HAD to be done at 10pm because of a neighborhood ordinance. We were no where near done partying but we had to end it.

Did you rock a #hashtag?#CalebTakesAKnapp

Words of Advice for future brides?

Go with your gut and make decisions based on what will make you happy, not anyone else. And make sure to set aside some time for just you on the day of your wedding, you're going to need it. 

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