Tip Tuesday | How to Prepare for Your Preview | Bride's Questions Answered

Yay! Wedding is booked! Beauty is taken care of for the big day so the next step is booking your preview. I highly recommend brides to do a pre-wedding preview - this will give you a run through of your full look to make sure that you love the look you’ve chosen on yourself. Here are a few tips that we give our brides to prepare for their pre-wedding preview.

How Long. For your preview, we book out 2 hours with your hair and makeup artists. We like to take our time getting to know your unique style and expectations for your big day beauty. We suggest bringing photos of the looks you like for hair and makeup so you and your stylists can narrow down your look.

What. You’ll want to wear a neutral colored shirt to not distract from your makeup with a similar neckline to your dress. Arrive with at least day old dirty hair, but no dirtier than 3 days, this will give your stylist a texture closer to how you will arrive on the wedding day.

When. You’ll want to book close enough to the wedding day that you will look the same as at the preview. We recommend within 2 months of the wedding. If you are doing a pre-wedding bridal session, you’ll want to schedule before this to perfect your look.

Where. Previews are scheduled at one of our Louisiana studio locations (Baton Rouge or New Orleans) or On Location in Houston. We have 3 amazing studio spaces that are specifically setup to make sure you have the best possible preview - with great light, serene atmospheres, and hair accessory options, and even extensions if that is something you’d like to try (just let us know ahead of time so we can prepare).

Who. You’ll be paired with the artist that best fits your style and wedding. We want our brides and artists to build a relationship so you’ll be with the same artist for both sessions. Want to get to know more about your artist(s) before hand? Check out their profiles on our website by clicking here.

During your bridal preview, your beauty team will create  a bridal makeup and hairstyle to suite your personal style. We believe that every bride is unique and beautiful and deserves her own specialized look! Feel free to provide reference photos from Pinterest or really any where you see inspiration. We love to see photos of your dress, decor and anything special to you about the wedding. We recommend bringing your veil or bridal headpiece really helps create an entire look. If you aren't quite sure of how you would like to look, leave it to our team of professionals to guide you in the right direction.

Ashford Halley Photography

Ashford Halley Photography