Tip Tuesday : Guests WILL come to NOLA


We love destination weddings - we do a ton of them in New Orleans! I'm not sure if it's our website, our reviews or my sparkling phone voice (j/k j/k) but we work with many many out of town brides but there are a few things that always ring true! 

People LOVE coming to New Orleans!

Think only a few of your guests will show because you are heading to The Big Easy? Think again! Our brides tell us all the time "I had no idea the whole guest list would want to come!" to which I give a little giggle and say "Of course they want to come to New Orleans! It's fun!". You wanted to have a good time and so do they so don't be surprised when the RSVP's keep coming back with a yes.

Are you an out of town bride coming to for a good time in New Orleans? Our artists have got you covered - from pre-wedding previews around your out of town schedule to week of beauty prep and blow outs. You also might want to check out our other Tip Tuesday : Southern vs Destination Bridal Beauty - it can help you choose a well rounded beauty team!


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Photos by : Ashford Halley