Tip Tuesday | Dry Shampoo | Karen for Verde


Hey Guys! It's Karen for Verde Beauty! Let's talk DRY SHAMPOO!

Dry shampoo is simply wonderful! 

Dry shampoo works by absorbing the oil from your scalp. You should use dry shampoo before your hair gets oily to be proactive in fighting oil.

A lot of people don't realize that they are using dry shampoo incorrectly. You should lift sections of your hair, spray at roots, let dry, then massage in like shampoo.

There are many different types now, so the "best" product really just depends on your hair type. Some people use dry shampoo because their hair gets oily easily. Some use it for texture and volume. There is even dry shampoos designed to help hide new growth or gray roots.

I personally have a fine/normal hair type. I need a dry shampoo that provides cleanliness and a little texture. My two favorite dry shampoos are from Moroccan Oil and Dry Bar. Both come in a brunette shade, which helps prevent my hair color from looking dull. 

It's important to use a good quality dry shampoo. The cheaper the product, the more alcohol, the more drying it is to your hair. 

While the cost of the product might turn you off, you are saving on the cost of shampoo, conditioner, and any hair products you may use when you're hair is wet.

Dry shampoo is personally a huge time saver for me. As a hairstylist, I'm expected to always have my hair styled. I wash and blow dry my hair twice a week. Then dry shampoo every night and morning and my hair is always in perfect condition for quick styling. I honestly spend about 10 minutes styling my hair every morning.