Makeup Monday | Product Review - 7th Heaven Nail Masques

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Hello Everyone!

This week's product review is dedicated to 7th Heaven's "Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques" (infused with argan oil, macadamia oil, and pomegranate, which is rich in anti-oxidants). The packaging claims to strengthen and condition distressed/damaged nails. I have had acrylic nails for the better half of eight years, so my natural nails are paper-thin and quite distressed. I am in a production of "Hair" and because I am playing a hippie of the sixties, I felt that I needed to take my acrylics off (yes, tears were shed). So, I am trying to take this time to make my natural nails healthier and maybe ween off of my acrylic nails. I wanted to try these masques because it had four easy steps : clean, apply, leave on for fifteen minutes, wipe off and massage. I was early for rehearsal and had thirty minutes to kill so I thought why not have a little "me time" in the process. 

The first picture is of my nails before the can see how damaged they are and how badly they need to be conditioned. The middle picture is during the fifteen minute wait...just a little FYI, the masques smell INCREDIBLE - you can definitely smell the pomegranate! The last picture is my nails after the fifteen minutes was up, I wiped off the excess product, and massaged my hands....not much of a difference, right?   


Final Thoughts

I only did the masques on one hand-my left-because a.) it made it easier for picture taking and b.) for comparison purposes. My nails on my left hand felt softer and smelled better than my right, but those are  the only differences. My nails on the left looked just like the nails on the right. They were just as damaged as before...the nails on the left were "softer" for about ten minutes, but after washing my hands later on, there was no difference between the nails that had masques and the nails that didn't. 

The hunt for nail masques that will make these brittle nails healthier continues....



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