Air Drying vs. Blow Drying

Hey Lovelies! I'm always preaching to my clients the importance of blow drying their hair and how it makes a drastic difference in a hairstyle. But seeing is believing, so here it is! 

Now this was very difficult for me to do, because I HATE the way my hair feels when I don't blow dry it. I have fine/normal type hair. My roots are virgin (not colored) and my ends are lightened. My hair naturally gets oily very easy. When I don't blow dry my hair, I feel that it does so more easily even with dry shampoo.

To keep this experiment as true to what I'm trying to test as possible, the only products I used in my hair was a smoothing product on the ends and dry shampoo in the morning, both when I air dried and blow dried. Not even hairspray was used in this experiment. I washed my hair at night, went to bed with dry hair, left my hair down while sleeping, then curled the next morning.

On the left is my air dried hair, the right is my blow dried hair


So far, not so bad. I did curl my air dried hair more then when I blow dried. My hair is naturally wavy and I needed to be sure I smoothed out my hair to help resist the humidity. I also did very light teasing (no spray) on my air dried hair because I woke up with this awful split down the back of my hair. 

I preformed this experiment on the same day, different week, and did exactly the same routine. 

This is my hair at the end of the day 


I know I started this experiment with a biased opinion, but you can't argue this. My hair stayed significantly smoother and less oily after have been blow dried.

Now let's glance at the back of my head


Look how much thinner my hair appears when air dried!!! And that terrible split! 

Now as a professional, I have the products that could have made this air dried hair look more wearable, but imagine the potential that my blow dried hair has with those same products. 

If you are looking for the most Pinterest like outcome and longevity in your wedding day hairstyle, blow dry your hair the day before!! And don't you worry, we always arrive with dry shampoo!! 

I had a member of my bridal party yesterday say it perfectly, with southern Louisiana's humidity "it's blow dry or die" 

I will be making a follow up video to this post about blow drying your own hair so you can get your hair properly prepped for your style.

Or even better, book a pre-rehearsal dinner blow out with us!