Bridal Party Matching Beauty

You've picked the invitations, flowers, food and music - do you really need to choose what your bridal parties hair and makeup are going to look like?

The easy answer is No, let them decide. But do you REALLY want to let them decide?

Everyone has been to a wedding or seen photos where all of the bridesmaids are gathered around the bride, looking at her glowing, and one bridesmaid looks completely out of place. Now this bridesmaid's contrast is drawing the attention away from the bride instead of enhancing it.

If you don't want to go as far as making sure that everyone is matching, making a style suggestion will help on many levels. By giving your bridal party a direction it will help with timing, continuity and style - all very important when it come to your wedding album. 






Matching vs Coordinating

We never suggest that bridesmaid match one another exactly - what works well for one face may not work for another. This is when you'll want to take in consideration the tones that will be present at the wedding - not just the color, but the depth or saturation level of the colors. Working with the entire wedding palette helps your artist to know what direction and color you prefer and how best blend your wedding style and your bridal parties beauty.


Now that bride's are having the bridal in differing dress styles, colors and lengths - coordinating the makeup is a great way to tie together the look of the bridal party in photos.

image by carolyn seibert

image by carolyn seibert

You don't have to direct every part of your bridal parties look but by just giving a suggestion on something as simple as hair up/down or a few inspiration photos, it will keep everyone on track and no one will feel out of place. By making a suggestion to the bridal party you help narrow down the styles that they have to sort though, the amount of time it will take to explain what they want to their stylist  and will help with the day of stress of the same questions over and over.


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