10 Beauty Tips Brides Wish They Knew Before the Wedding | Wedding Wednesday | verde beauty

what you'll wish you knew before the wedding

1. Taking care of your skin matters.

Everyone hears about how you should "drink plenty of water" and "get rest" before your wedding - very few brides actually do this. Taking care of your skin before your wedding week crunch will help with the last minute stress and breakouts. Getting regular facials and investing (yes, investing - good skincare isn't cheap). In the words of our Makeup Artist Christin, “Skin preparation is super important! Find a great esthetician to partner with to achieve perfect skin the day of your wedding. Your makeup artist will thank you later!” It's going to be okay because you have us - just do your best to bring us the best canvas possible! 

2. You get what you pay for - that can be a good thing and a bad thing

In the world of beauty products and services - you get what you pay for. Luxury skincare and higher-end beauty products take more to make but can be used more sparingly as a little will go a long way. This holds true for your artist as well, there are "diamonds in the rough" out there that don't know how much to charge but this usually means they are so green that they can't keep a schedule or honor a contract. You may also find a makeup artist that has amazing work on Instagram but no sanitation training Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding is a balance between skill, professionalism and price - it's up to you to decide what matters most.

3. There is an order to which you should get your week of beauty services done.

Yet another schedule to plan but here is a cheat sheet- we made you a Wedding Week Checklist! It does matter the order in which you do these services to prepare for the wedding and if you are a working with a company that specializes in weddings, you'll most likely want to book these services early.

4. Build a relationship with your beauty pro - we love to get to know you.

I know that it sounds cheesy but most wedding pros are in the wedding industry because we actually enjoy being apart of your wedding. As a beauty pro I get to be with you at your most emotional state on your wedding day and if I get to know you before the wedding day I can learn what calms you and what you get pumped (We regularly get to play DJ on the wedding day!). Not only do I want to make sure you look beautiful but I want to leave you relaxed and happy!

5. There is no "too far ahead" when it comes to wedding planning.

If you are working with beauty pros who specialize in weddings, then we know where we will be in the next 18 months - I know I will be apart of someones wedding day most any Friday/ Saturday. If hair and makeup is important to you, and it should be, call as soon as you have a date and start working with your beauty team. This makes it so that you are able to pre-plan for your engagement photos, get your skin and hair in the best shape of your life and relax and enjoy the fruits of all your hard-work and advanced planning!

6. Your coordinator makes recommendations to you for a reason.

A basketball coach coaches basketball, a piano instructor teaches piano, and a wedding coordinator… well, you guessed it, coordinates weddings. With that being said, your wedding coordinator is there to guide you through the entire journey to the alter. No matter what the decision that has to be made, your coordinator is there, so use them as your own personal Wedding Encyclopedia- Ask for their recommendations on catering, wardrobe, and especially- beauty. You can almost bet they will recommend Verde Beauty.

7. Things take longer than you expect to get ready on a wedding day.

It is not an exaggeration when stating that EVERYTHING takes longer than normal on your wedding day. What normally would take you 5 minutes in the morning, will take at least that amount of time squared to achieve a full face of bridal makeup. Putting on a pair of pants on a Tuesday is no comparison to the time it takes to get into your wedding ensemble. Learn to embrace things taking a little bit longer on your wedding day. This day is for you and your partner, so there is nothing to worry about- it’s not like they can start the wedding without the bride!

8. It’s okay to say "no" to a family friend offering to do your wedding day beauty.

Everyone has that one cousin who does prom makeup on the weekends. However, your wedding day is not the day to test out Becky Sue’s LA Colors Neon Glam look that she saw on YouTube. So… how exactly do you say no to that family friend? It is pretty simple.. Thanks but no thanks. When it comes to your bridal beauty, it is important to be a little selfish. It is more important to achieve exactly what you want to look like on your wedding day, because inevitably it’s your day, your rules!

9. Telling your bridesmaids how you want them to look isn't mean, its practical.

This is the most photographed day of your life. With that being said, it is important to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your wedding party. It makes the most sense that you are the captain of the ship, and all your mates should be understanding that you are in control of the boat’s course. With The Verde Beauty Team, you can rest easy knowing that we can create beautiful and perfect looks for everyone in the bridal party!

10. Relax, no seriously.

In the words of our stylist Amber, “Don’t sweat the small stuff- At the end of the day, you are marrying your soulmate and life partner. And that’s all that matters.” Relax, it’s all going to be perfect! It is very rare for a wedding day to not have at least something small go wrong, but that’s part of the day! Sit back, enjoy your day, allow our Verde Beauty Team to make all of your hair and makeup dreams come true, and walk away with the best part of it- the lifelong promise to soulmate. And you get cake too, so was it so bad after all?