Tip Tuesday | #1 thing brides can do to make their wedding hair last all night

how to make your wedding hair last

No one likes sad wedding day curls so here are our tips for keeping perfect wedding day hair. 


Here are a few of our favorite hair tips from our seasoned hair stylists!


  1. Day old Dirty Hair - No matter how many times we talk to brides and bridesmaids about this we still hear "Well I HAD to wash my hair because is thin/fine/limp/poofy/oily/dirty" but what we hear is "I just decided I know better." Day Old Dirty hair REALLY does hold better - both up and down! Now we aren't saying come to us without washing for a week but a solid day is important.

  2. Stop touching your hair - your finger secrete oils naturally, the oils in your finger tips cause your hair to lose shape by breaking down the products we use.
  3. Day before prep is important - what you put in your hair the day before matters! Don't load your hair down with heavy oils the day before your wedding and don't go to bed with wet hair! We always suggest getting a blow out the day before your wedding  or at the very least prep your hair with professional products at home. (Not sure what to put in it or who do go to for a blow out - our stylists can help!) Also, unless your hair holds a curl EXTREMELY well, DO NOT flat iron your hair the day before the wedding!