Thow back Thursday - Wedding Edition w/ Caroline M!

Caroline has one of the most random stories about how she found Verde Beauty! She came to our studio selling AT&T service and ended up a Verde Beauty bride for her New Orleans wedding! Little did I know that having met Caroline would bring us 3 other beautiful brides from all across the state! We are so glad to have AT&T, lol!

Prep for Caroline's wedding was at her  Parents Condo in Lee Circle and it was STORMING but she didn't let it get her down! She wore a beautiful dress that she described as "having everything on it, feathers, beading, sparkle, the works!" an,d she wore it well! 

Caroline wore her hair in a high bun, years before it became the trend and a classic smokey eye with her signature red lip! One thing I always tell brides is not to try something new for your wedding. Caroline wanted to do a bold pink for bridals, which looked great, but it just wasn't her.