Lash Extensions

Hello to my wonderful Verde Beauty followers! Spring has sprung and soon summer will be approaching. This means vacations, beaches, sun, and water! Ladies forget mascara and opt for lavish lash extensions! This allows you to have the dark, full, and long lashes you want without all of the faults of mascara. Lash extensions, with good care, can last up to six weeks with a refill. Ladies make sure to do your research when looking for a lash artist! You get what you pay for!

This service is offered at our studio and is offered at the price of $200 for a full set with first refill included. Refills vary depending on how often you book. 45-100

After care- make sure to stay away from water on your lashes or humidity for the first 24 hrs. Do NOT use anything oil based to remove makeup. This also means do NOT use waterproof mascara. And brush with an eyebrow comb to make sure there are no tangles!

Stay beautiful! -Sarah Hains, Verde Beauty aesthetician.