Makeup Monday : Vital c brightening treatment

Hello verde beauty followers - Sarah here! Verde Beauty's resident skin care expert!

This months topic is on brightening treatments. It's spring and it's time to prep our skin for the flawless summer look everyone wants. I have tried many brightening treatments and peel and the most effective treatment I have come across is with image skin care. The best part about this vital c brightening and anti aging line is that is actually great for skin types with Rosacea and sensitivity!

It is a treatment made of polypeptide antioxidants with vitamins A C E to promote hydration, more vibrant looking skin, and reduce signs of aging.

This is a treatment that you should not do at home and is best to seek a skin care professional to take care of.

If you are on a budget and can only afford a diy here are a few things that can help. Apply to skin in order listed below.

*Baking soda
*Raw organic honey and lemon {mixed}
*vitamin c serum or oil