New Year! New You!

New year, new you! The holidays are always fun filled with cold weather amazing food and delicious drinks, however all of these wonderful things can reek major havoc on your skin! Dehydration clogged pores flaky skin and dark circles! EEEK! Tis the season to now needing to repair our skin! Let us help you with a few simple ways to fix these problems at home or with a professional approach.

| Detox |

Detoxing your skin and body is the number one step to fixing health issues. Your skin is the largest organ of the body you know, so it is the most important to keep healthy. Detoxing skin is very simple if you have just a few house hold items you can follow these steps every day for one week and then follow up with once a week.
Needed Items and steps are listed below.

  • Honey (A Natural Antibacterial)
  • Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Lavender Essential Oil (optional for body- used in bath)

In a bowl mix a table spoon of honey a table spoon of water and a half of a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix until you have a thin paste. Put this aside.
For a bath, triple the amount and add lavender. This will draw out body toxins.

Only in the evening Double cleanse your skin, yes I said DOUBLE, this will remove dirt and oil and then actually cleanse your skin. Once you have double cleansed you may apply your detox mixture to your skin. Even your lips! Let sit for 3 minutes. Remove with warm water while using small circular motions to rid of extra flakey skin. Follow up with an extra moisturizing moisturizer. Repeat these steps as said above and enjoy clean detoxified skin.

If you would like to take a professional approach to your skin care problems our studio does offer customized focus facials with detoxification treatments and peels. Our studio uses Dermalogica image and Mario Badescue along with handmade enzyme peels and soon to be handmade and customized body and skin are products. Feel free to contact us to book your appointment in studio.






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