Part II Let's Chat About Wax: Brazilians

"First things first, brazilians are worth it."

We are so thankful for our tiny aesthitician, Sarah! She has dispelled any worries we had about brazilians. The girl specializes in the 15 min brazilian! She says, "first things first, brazilians are worth it." No more razor bumps or being self conscious in a bikini and that's reason enough for us.

Here are her tips for getting it done right

1.) Follow the tips in Part I in preparation!

2.) Make sure your wax specialist uses both soft and hard wax. This is important in so many ways. It is safer and less painful. Hard wax, especially for the most sensitive areas because it only pulls the hair. [soft wax - adheres to skin and hair // hard wax - adheres only to hair]

3.) You will need to let hair grow for about 2 weeks prior to your appointment. It's necessary because if the hair isn't long enough it can NOT be removed evenly.

Sarah recommends this service to all women, especially brides! The results last for a few weeks before your hair even starts to grow back!

Pro tip: If receiving this service before an event please go 3 days prior to make sure you don't have bumps (and if you do follow our tips in Part I) or any reactions.
Bride tip: Sarah suggests for brides going for the first time to get your first brazilian 5 weeks before your wedding and then another the week of your wedding. This will ensure your skin heals and you won't have to worry about a thing on your honeymoon!

Waxing is a beauty must ladies and we hope we gave you the best tips and information to make it a smoother experience! :)

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