Let's chat about wax: Tips for a smoother wax experience (part 1)

Hello lovely Verde Beauty readers! We wanted to talk a little bit about waxing so Sarah, Verde beauty aesthetician, is giving us the scoop on what to do and what NOT to do:

If you've shied away from waxing because of a bad experience or maybe your nerves get the best of you, we want to give you all of the tips to help change your perspective!

1.) Find yourself a skincare pro who has taken classes for specifically on waxing. Don't be scared to ask your prospective waxer his/her credentials. You will have a great waxing experience in the hands of an educated and seasoned pro and you can be sure they are on trend with new techniques and products. Some of which may lengthen the time between waxes!

2.) You've found a pro and your appointment is today! You go girl. The morning of you will want to exfoliate the area to remove extra flakey or dead skin cells, any salt scrub will work. Trader Joes has a great lavender one.

3.) Start a conversation! Voice any concerns and most importantly make sure you let your waxer know any allergies you may have BEFORE the wax is applied. They have seen it all before and will ease your worries.

4.) Hair is removed and you are fabulous! However; some may notice little red bumps after waxing and Sarah assures us that this is A O.K. because she has a super quick fix: make a sea salt scrub with coarse sea salt and water. Rub gently onto the area. This will help keep ingrown hairs at bay because it breaks the skin, allowing the hair to grow outside of the skin. It will also kill bacteria and will help rid redness and inflammation. Pretty great tip! 

We'll be posting Part 2 soon, answering any and all questions about those Brazilians!