Product Review: Saphira Damage Repair Mineral Mud

Meet Jeannie:

Jeannie participated in the Behind The Chair: Cut, Color, and Style Hair Show. 

Her hair was left with a dry, coarse texture due to over processing at the show.

Jeannie tried Saphira Mineral Mud in hopes of reviving the vitality of her chemically compromised hair.




Saphira Mineral Mud

Indulge with Mud for your hair.

Mineral Mud is a Mineral Healing Treatment extracted directly from the depths of the Dead Sea. It is a deep conditioning treatment with 26 essential minerals combined with pure Keratin.

The Mineral Mud envelops each strand of your hair with a layer of minerals, creating vibrance and vitality. The pure keratin rebuilds the structure integrity of each strand of hair. 

This product smells great with an easy application and felt wonderful on my wet hair. I was really excited to see the final result. Though, as soon as I washed it out of my hair, I felt the coarse, dry texture return. Tangles for days. A normal conditioner helped my hair better than this. After blow drying my hair, it appeared as if I hadn’t used a conditioner at all. The next morning I woke up with oily hair and had to wash it again.
I give this product 1/5 stars.
— Jeannie