DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Facial.jpg

This Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is perfect to get your skin ready to the cold winter weather to come! It does wonders to remove dead skin, brighten, and even skin tone!

Ingredients: Pumpkin(canned or fresh), Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, and Honey

Start with a big scoop of pumpkin: Pumpkin contains natural enzymes that even skin tone, exfoliates dead skin, and brightens skin.

Next add about 2 Tablespoons of Greek Yogurt: This also brightens and firms skin

Then you want to mix in a tablespoon of each cinnamon and honey: Cinnamon helps activate and open pores to get a deep clean! Honey is a natural antiseptic and contains many helpful antioxidants!

You can watch Sarah tell you all about this amazing mask below!

Click here to learn more about Sarah!

Click here to learn more about Sarah!

Sarah is Verde Beauty's very own aesthetician and as well as makeup artist!