How long does airbrush makeup actually last???

Flawless Makeup - 8 hours after application

We get tons of brides ask "How long will my makeup last?" or "Will it come off before the wedding?". We pride ourselves on the fact that our artists are highly trained at what they do. Like I tell most of my brides, airbrush makeup is just a tool. If the artist using it doesn't know how to use it, it won't look as good or last as long as someone trained properly.

We get brides telling us on multiple occasions that the makeup that we applied for the wedding day looked good the NEXT DAY. We posted the above photo from our bride Jeanna with the caption "Wondering how long your hair and makeup will last once we do it??? How about through the wedding, reception AND after party! We do have the prettiest brides but Jeanna is still flawless more than 8 hours after having hair and makeup done!" and this is what our brides said - 
"Holly Valentine Not great for my skin but my makeup still looked flawless 24 hours after application. I got compliments all day at work Sunday. "
"Jeanna Tircuit Awe how sweet and so true!! I still looked fabulous when I woke up the next morning & lets not forget this is through the rain and everything!!"