31 Days of Makeup - Day 6 - Makeup for Glasses

More than I would like to, I have to wear my glasses. Not that there is anything wrong with having to wear them, I just tend to always do something that fogs them up, knocks them off my face or gets them dirty! I wanted to give some tips that I have found work for me over the years due to my oily skin!

1. Wear a Matte Foundation. I find that when I wear my glasses my skin gets oilier than normal, so I like to wear something matte so that I don't appear as shiny.

2. Powder Around Nose Rests. I know it sounds silly, but I HATE those little indentions that are caused from my nose rests! I apply powder there so that my skin doesn't get those marks and it helps to mattify the area.

3. Make Sure your Brows are Even. Ever notice your brows look uneven when you wear glasses?!!? Well, I do! It's because of the straight line of the glasses right below your brows so make sure they are groomed!

4. Keep your Eyes Simple. I find that when I do to much on my eyes and then put on my glasses it just seems over done! I like to even out the skin tone on my lids with a soft shimmer shadow and then really play up my lashes with dark liner and thickening mascara. I generally keep away from anything that will lengthen my lashes to much or false lashes when I wear my glasses because then they touch the lenses!

5. Play up your Cheek Bones. I feel like wearing glasses gives you a great opportunity to play up your bone structure because of the structure of the glasses. Mine are more square, which I feel like compliments my face shape and therefor I play up my cheek bones a lot when wearing glasses :)

What are your tips for when you wear your glasses???