31 Days of Makeup - Day 1

Happy August! 

This is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. You're probably thinking - but it's hot and sticky outside. Great weather for really putting make up to it's test - between the beach, pool and it just being plan HOT & HUMID, I can't think of a better test than South Louisiana summer! Not to mention it's my birthday month so I'm extra excited - I LOVE birthdays!

I decided to do something fun for the month of August and since I rarely have time to blog or even pinterest I thought with it being the "Slow Month" for me that I would take the chance to do just that so I'm doing "31 days of makeup" for the month of August and I plan on doing a great give away for my birthday!

Here is the first look for August - a dark smokey crease with pink lips. (Bare with me while I get this whole, selfie photo lighting/ pinterest thing down!)

  1. Prime your eyes & face and apply pore corrector
  2. Apply foundation, conceler and under eye highlighter
  3. Create depth & darkness in your out most crease with a black eye liner, line at the lash line
  4. Bring the liner in towards your nose, blend out with a crease brush to soften the line
  5. Using a medium dark shadow buff out the edges of your crease liner, apply below lower lashes
  6. Blend a white shadow across the lid, meeting the crease color, buff together with medium brown tone
  7. Apply contour, highlight and blush