31 Days of Make up - Day 10 - Red Dress Fun!

Red Dress Run: Hair & Makeup

This past weekend was the "Red Dress Run" in New Orleans and man was it fun! I knew that I was going to need hair and makeup that would make it through the run - rain, shine and sweat!

I chose to go with a red lip of course - So I used Revlon's color stay lip color in the brightest red that I could find. The first time that I used it, there was a funky feeling but after the second application it seemed like my lips got used to it. I absolutely LOVE this colored lipstick/ gloss.

For foundation I went with Dermablend so that it would even out my skin tone and stay put, I knew how hot it would be on Bourbon St, so I wanted to make sure my foundation didn't move! Eyes were kept simple with liner and water proof mascara

After about 5 hours we were still going strong!