Bridesmaid hair & makeup ideas

After the many weddings that we have done over the years, we have noticed some of the same questions over and over, not just from our brides but from the bridal party as well. As a bridesmaid you want to look your best for the bride but also feel comfortable in what you look like as well.
As a bridesmaid you have the chance to try something more trendy than if this is your own wedding. Want to try some of the braided ideas that you see on pinterst? Here are some inspiration ideas for bridesmaid hair that we love!

Here are suggestions that we have for bridal party members that will never go out of style-
Makeup Tips -
  • Coordinate your makeup, don’t match it to each other
  • Take a color cues from the bridesmaid dress colors and flowers
  • If you plan on doing your own makeup, make sure you do a trial on yourself
  • Mineral makeup is NOT appropriate for weddings, it is not photo friendly
Hair Tips -
  • Bring photos to your beauty team, this helps communicate what you like
  • If you know that your hair “won’t hold a curl” then wear your hair in a soft updo
  • Are you at a destination wedding with a completely different climate? Trust your professionals!
Pre-wedding Day Tips -
  • Don’t get a sunburn! Make sure that you are using SPF coming up to the wedding
  • If you must get some sun, do it artificially! Get a spray tan!
  • Get your waxing done at least 2 days pre-wedding