Makeup Monday - Product reviews

Becca Foundation - Luminous Skin Colour

Here is what the website said about the product:
A combination tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation, Luminous Skin Colour visibly improves the complexion, yet looks incredibly natural on the skin while offering skincare, makeup, and sun protection in one ingenious product. Contains anti-oxidant vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients with a broad spectrum SPF 25+.
Offers makeup, sun protection, and skincare in one convenient, travel friendly pump bottle
Combines broad spectrum SPF 25+ to protect against over 96% of both UVA and UVB rays
Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, D, and E to aid tissue repair, increases collagen renewal and moisture holding capacity, while simultaneously protecting against pollution and free radical damage
Contains soothing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients
Can be applied with a foundation brush, fingertips, or a brush 

Here is what I think  about the product:
LOVE this product! I was a little worried about the coverage of the foundation because it is more of a tinted moisturizer but it really does have a great coverage. I applied it using a foundation brush and it smoothed on flawlessly and covered not only blemishes but also under eye darkness