(RAH)2 (AH)3 + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)2 (OOH) (LA)2

Kaylynn Marie Photography + Lady Gaga Theme + a Bubble Wall = YES PLEASE!

Just reading that sounds fun huh? It so was.

So this past weekend I got a text from one of my FAV photographers, Kaylynn. She has a shoot later that day and they didn't plan on using a make up artist......for a Gaga themed shoot......um HUH? So Kaylynn quickly informed them that it's a definite must have - especially for something like this! (This is one of the many reason's why I <3 her!)

Being that it's Kaylynn and I always am looking for a reason to do fun makeup - I was all for it! We did 2 regular looks with the model and then got Gaga.