Makeup Monday - Wedding Day Must Have's!

Ok so every Monday is going to be dedicated to Makeup! Makeup Videos, Reviews or Q &A - you get it. So today I thought I'd do a review on some of my wedding day must have's in my kit. This is a great topic for you "do it herself" brides and newer mua (or seasoned - though I'd be flattered if you are reading this!).

Alrights - Let's start!


Why do I love it? So many reasons.

The Make up Forever primer just slides onto the skin and helps to keep make up on for hours. Pre-foundation apply this product to give longevity to foundation and to help reduce the chances of foundation "settling" into fine lines and wrinkles.
I used to use the Smashbox primer like it was going out of style but the texture after I had used it just drove me up the wall!
Now, I am all for a product with a good "slip", meaning smooths onto the skin easily, but the smashbox primer just had to much. On the flip side philosophy's primer just didn't give enough "slip". When I started using this it was like Goldilocks finding the right bed (minus the bears), it was just perfect!