Verde Bridal for the PWG Summer 2010 Show

       For the past year Bridal Beauty Consulting, now the NEW Verde Bridal, has been in charge of providing the largest bridal show in south Louisiana with Hair, Make up and Models. It's a super fun thing we do each year for the Perfect Wedding Guide where we get to showcase some great hair and make up on some of our fav. models.
Here is a little slide show of our models that we did - all 20 in 3 hrs!
(Click here to see the images in our online gallery)
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     This year we had the opportunity to work with Jen Leblanc, of Breathless Boudoir (we'll be posting more about them soon, so check them out!), and she shot some pictures for us at the show. She got some great fun shots of our models and booth while we were interacting with brides- to -be!


So something that I wanted to start doing on the blog is giveaways! Yay! So here is our first one - a matching cosmetic bag set! Everyone who follows our blog will go into a chance to win a beautiful 3 piece cosmetic bag set! That's right, all you have to do is follow us and you'll go into the drawing! So don't forget to follow us and leave a comment to let me know you did!