Being the Bride: Wedding cake tasting

     So it's a little strange for me that I am actually a future bride. I'm always on the vendor side of things that it just really hasn't hit me yet as "HELLO, You are getting MARRIED!!".  I really don't think that it will until I'm in my dress with hair and make up and about to take portraits. So until my big day I'm going to keep everyone up to date with being the bride from a vendor's point of view.

Cake Goddess

     So last week Wes (the fiancé) and I went to taste wedding cake. Yummy, yum, yum! We went to 3 different places to have our tastings in 1 day - yum but what a sugar crash! By 2pm we needed to take a nap. I have several places that I still want to try and do a tasting with but right now Cake Goddess is def my favorite. When booking my cake tastings I started with them for a few reasons; I have admired their work for a while now and several of my brides have recommended them.

     When we sat down with Cake Goddess, with the owner no less, it was very relaxing and professional. Some of the other places we went to this was just not the case. We had a chance to sample both the chocolate and traditional wedding cakes as well as a few of the flavors. YUM! The most impressive part, to me, came when she sketched out a drawing of our cake for us to see while going off of my 2 ideas for a "square traditional symmetrical cake with peacock feathers stenciled on the sides" and a "topsy turvy lime colored asymmetrical cake with peacock feathers".

     As an artist who works with brides myself I know how important it is to listen to what the bride wants and interpret that, using artistic talent, into something that she is going to love.  The other places that we visited that day shot down some of my idea's using the excuse "it just won't look right" or "work right" which really made it seem like they were unable to fulfill my request for creativity.  Cake Goddess did a phenomenal job interpreting what I wanted and had great cake on top of that! ( I just have to say that the icing was soooo smooth that I loved it & I don't really like icing!)