Robin Young - one of my fav brides.

In the past few months I got to meet Robin Young who is one of my most favorite brides ever! I seriously realize how lucky I am to do what I love for a living when I have brides like her. I got to work with her a lot pre wedding doing tans for her, body wraps and lash extensions and it was all so much fun!

She had an AMAZING boudoir shoot with her fiancé, shot by The Boudoir Vixen, that I did the hair and make up for and she totally rocked it out! We had also had a lot of fun pre shoot making her a bronzed goddess and didn't she just look stunning?!!?

The wedding was a stunning event shot by Courtney Dellafiora that involved boats, cowboy boots and fire works over false river! What a lucky girl am I to work with the people I do :) Plus adding to how awesome she is Robin had hand made lamps for both Courtney and I that match our studios!! Aws!

That's me making her even more beautiful!