Fleur Design Photo shoot

We had a chance to team up with Fleur DeSign Studios a few months back on a multiple bride shoot in city park, Baton Rouge. They were with us shooting behind the scenes and we got to do multiple locations with the girls, it was so much fun and we can't wait to do more like this in the soon!!

Behind the scenes!
One of our lovely models with her son - sooooo cute!
Hair and Airbrush Make up for our girls pre shoot.

It was so much fun shooting multiple brides! Different styles, dresses and looks! This shot is taken where I'll be having my own wedding come November!

This little girl was walking by our shoot with her brother and dad and saw all the brides and was so excited to see "princesses" at the park! How cute is that?! We took a shot with her and she even got to wear a princess veil. I think we just created a future wedding planner or boutique owner!

If you want more info about Fleur DeSign Studios visit their website cause they rock!