Hoang/ Dihn Wedding

So this past winter I got a chance to work with Robert Faust Photography on the Hoang/ Dihn wedding. I'm not sure what was more beautiful - the bride or the photography. Let me just say that this was an interesting wedding which involved a bride from another state/ country, very little english, lots of synthetic hair and an unbelievably beautiful gown and accessories!

These images are being used on Robert Faust's business cards and are from the engagement pictures the couple took - how gorgeous is this?!!?

I had so much fun working with this bride as her beauty expert, she wanted to have lots of hair pulled high into an up do for her wedding but she was lacking in hair so we used some synthetic hair that she picked up at a local beauty supply. I love extensions but have much more experience with human hair extensions but worked this synthetic piece into a high up do just like she requested.

Along with her hairstyling I also did airbrush make up on her and her mother.

I just love seeing a happy bride after all is said and done!
Thanks so much Robert Faust for the beautiful images!