Hello Kitty... I mean 2010!!

I can't believe 2010 is here already and it's 1/2 through January, my oh my! This past year has been amazing for me and I hope that the next is even better! In the past year I went from working 4 jobs to doing only make up full time (talk about scary), opened a make up studio and got engaged! That's a lot for one year!

March 2009 is when I opened the brbc glamour studio but that was a feat in itself because 2 days before taking occupancy I had surgery! Little did I know that a week before my surgery a commercial space I have had my eye on for over 6 months would come available!

Surgery. Check! Lease the space. Check! Move in stuff....not so much! Thanks to Wes and my family I was able to move in and get everything painted without having to stress! They moved in all of my stuff, helped decorate and got all of my make up safe and sound where it needed to be. What a great support team they are for me and I am truly grateful for them.

Did I mention at the time of opening the studio I was working 4 jobs?! Waitressing, bar tending, make up and working at a salon. Whew! But I knew that I was working hard now so that I could do my own thing in the future and to see that happen is amazing. As of October 2009 I could officially say that I am a make up artist FULL TIME!

I wouldn't be able to do any of this without the support of Wes my fiance'. The biggest and best surprise all year was getting proposed to on our anniversary. I really had no idea that was coming and freaked out a little but I didn't run! I've never been to concerned about marriage, which is funny considering I do wedding make up, but I have a new found respect for my brides!

I feel so awe struck when I stand back and look at what I've done this year. When you're in the middle of it and it's swirling all around you it's hard to see. This year is going to be amazing and I've set some big goals for myself. I was inspired by Courtney Dellafiora with her list of "100 things to do before 30", it really made me look at what I want and I am working on my own now. The year is going to be wonderful and I'm really looking forward to it both professionally and personally.

Since it's never fun to have a "naked post" here is the promotional material for the new year!