Help Portait Event - 12.12.2009

We are partnering with local photographers and industry professionals on this wonderful charitable event to help those who can't afford professional portraits. Family photos - something that everyone should be able to afford.

Help Portrait will bring togther local photographers, make up artists & hair stylists. But we also need the help of not only photogs and artists but EVERYONE!

How can you help? For starters, join the Baton Rouge Help-Portrait group by clicking here.
We’ll need help in these areas:

-Photographers – Obviously :)
-Hair & Makeup artists- We want to make these people not only look their best but make them feel like a star!
-Videographers- We’ll need at least one at each location to document the event for website.
-Printing team- People will need to run back and forth to one-hour labs periodically, in addition to man printers on-location
-Assistants – lighting grips, backdrops, printing at one-hour lab, setting up and tearing down gear
-Location(s) – Still haven’t found out where we’ll be holding the event, but it’ll be at multiple locations
-Planning- We need help figuring out locations and logistics.
-Loan us Equipment- digital cameras, lighting with diffusers (hot lights and strobes), light stands, backdrops, desktop photo-quality printers and paper and ink
-Transportation- To get the people without cars to the locations
-Food- We want to feed everyone who comes to the event. Try to bring a few canned goods to donate to those who are hungry.
-Post Processing – We’ll be doing some immediate retouching and color-correction using laptops to let people see results immediately
-Ambassador – Get the word out any way you can. Blog, facebook, twitter, myspace, email, etc.

For more info about what you can do to help and get more info visit:
We are super excited to be participating in this!!!!