New look & feel

So the bridal beauty consulting website has a new look and feel. I'm loving it and my WIX editor. Also the blog has gotten a face lift, soon will and the brbc glamour studio will be launched! So exciting to have all of this up and running.

Lately I've had the time to work on all of these projects due to the cut backs at my former employer. It was a welcome kick in the bottom that I needed to start doing my studio work full time. It's frightening but wonderful! I've been wondering where I'm going to go with this blog... just post pictures of recent work? reviews of products? everyday happenings of a bridal make up artist? I'm still not sure but where ever I go it'll be fun, I'm sure!

This week there will be a fabulous bridal photo shoot at my studio with photography by eye wander photo and bridal accessories (and hopefully some retro dresses!) by the Bridal Boutique.
The theme is Real Brides, Real Gorgeous. I'm super excited to have so many lovely ladies participating, it's going to be fabulous and I will also get to try out my newest assistant Margo, and see how it goes with both hair and make up assistance :)

Ah, this is my longest post in a while, whew!