13th Gate Haunted House Make Up

So I've been doing work for the 13th Gate Haunted House this Halloween season and it's been great fun and very interesting. I loved learning about special fx make up, seeing new techniques, and watching all the super talented air brush make up artists!

I'm in charge of the beauty make up, which is funny sounding for a haunted house! It's not all just pretty stuff though :)

Here are some examples of my work:

Capt. Jack Sparrow played by Chris:
We tried doing the "god eyes" on him from the movie but never really got
past just testing the looks on him.
"Dragon Victim" was a fun one to do because first I had to make her pretty and then dirty her up. I loved this one because of the contrast of red lips with all the dirt.
The "Electro Shock Doctor" was played by Author and was another fun one!
During the first few shows he was suppose to just be a "Handsome looking guy with nasty teeth" but as the run progressed we made him more and more creepy looking.

"Cleopatra" was played by Jennifer, one of the hair stylists, she was more of a beauty project focused mostly on the eyes. As the run went on her look got more sinister with heavier eye brows and dark lips.

"The Cremator", played by Neil. was another dark and creepy look ( and inspiration for the electro shock doc).

"Tia Dalma", from Pirates of the Caribbean, was played by Allison. This one was alot of fun and based off a real character. Her make up had to be more bright then the original so that it could be seen in the dark but she definately had to have the "dot tattoo" across her face.

(** Fun Note - After the shows Allison went out with the make up on people LOVED it and we've started a "face dot" trend. She's seen ppl at clubs and other places she went in make up sporting the face dots!! **)

"Snake Head Cleopatra", played by Ann, was another fun beauty make up that got more sinister with accent on her full lips.